John Deere

EP# 009: The History of John Deere

EP# 009: The History of John Deere

What’s happening Fanatics. Welcome back to The Business Fanatic podcast; your weekly business podcast of all things strategy and innovation. I’m your host Dr. O and this week’s topic is John Deere and the history of Deere & Co.

What is more iconic than seeing a green tractor or combine in the middle of massive field of corn? Well, those green farm machines are probably Deere & Co. vehicles. And that iconic leaping deer logo that we all recognize has been used by the company for over 150 years.

John Deere created an iconic global company that helped transform America. The development of Deere’s iconic “singing” plow helped farmers conquer the Midwest and created America’s breadbasket. With the help of Deere’s products, farm output doubled from 1840 to 1860 and then tripled from 1860 to 1890.

Allowing for the settlement of the American Midwest and the ability to feed the growing population of America, Deere was instrumental in the growth of America in the 1800s. 

The story of John Deere and the history of Deere & Co. is a great example of creativity, ingenuity, and an entrepreneurial mindset that never stopped inventing and innovating. John Deere and his son Charles are synonymous with American ingenuity and entrepreneurship and their story is another great example of how a single idea can transform individuals, groups, communities, and countries.