Rekindle your creative thinking skills.


The global business environment is becoming increasingly turbulent and competitive. Competition is getting fiercer, technology is changing quickly, and social issues are rapidly changing market conditions. Maintaining the status quo or focusing on incremental changes will not create long-term growth and sustainable competitive advantages.

Stop wasting valuable time and resources. Start changing yourself and your organization to ensure a steady stream of new ideas are constantly being developed to grow and improve the organization. A creative, continually improving organization generates higher revenue, develops engaged employees, and attracts loyal customers compared to a reactive organization which stubbornly maintains the status quo and punishes risk, failure, and experimentation.

Dr. O’s methodology will provide you with the confidence and the tools to seek different and better alternatives in any given situation.



Meet Dr. Dave Oventhal and see how his expertise can help you rethink how you think.

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Dr. O’s mission is to educate individuals, organizations, and communities to develop creative thinking and creative problem solving skills. Several courses are offered to ensure a mindset and skill set for continuous improvement.

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Brain Food

Dr. O provides a large selection of FREE content to help you develop yourself and your team into creative and innovative change agents.

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