Lessons from the Chef

I always push people to gain new experiences. Either personally or professionally, you need to get yourself out of your comfort zone. To come up with new ideas and drive improved business practices, new and varied experiences are the key ingredients to success. With the loss of Anthony Bourdain this past week, we lost a source of inspiration and guidance to lead an adventurous life.


Be Like Bourdain

Bourdain did not just inform us about great places to eat all over the world. What he left us was the influence to meet new people, try new things, and build our creativity and sense of wonder. Too often, we get into habits and forget to try new things. Do not keep going to the same restaurants or same vacation spot every year.


It Doesn’t Cost Alot

You do not need thousands of dollars to experience new things. Find a restaurant in a different town you never visited. Visit a museum you would normally never think of visiting. Go to a weird play or movie. Join a club to learn new skills and meet new, interesting people.

Do not sit still and stay stuck in habits. If you want to come up with new ideas and live a full life, you need new experiences. Listen to podcasts, visit your local comedy club, or attend a local event that is makes you uncomfortable.



Get inspiration from other people and try new things. Go on a road trip. Take a bus or train trip to get a new perspective of travel. Bourdain lost to his demons, but he left all of us with an incredible array of work and wonder. Now is the time, do not wait until you are ready. You will never be ready.



The development of new ideas is founded on combining a series of unrelated items. Collecting a wide array of experiences will supply you with lots of new things to think about and build upon. If you want to create an amazing new product or service, improve a poorly operating process, or solve a tough problem, you need a wide variety of perspectives. So hit the road, eat something weird, and enjoy life. You only get one shot at this life, so make it fun and exciting. Make a schedule and do something new and exciting every 4-6 weeks; religiously. No excuses, just keep experiencing life!