The Five Myths of Creativity

Ignore These Myths

There are many myths about how to develop new, creative ideas and innovations. Unfortunately, these myths ignore the fact that creative thinking is a skill, and like any other skills, creative thinking can be improved with proven tools and techniques, and lots of practice. So, ignore the myths of creativity and rekindle your creative thinking skills.

Creative Thinking


Change the Future

Creative thinking drives innovation which drives growth and profitability. Creative thinking is a skill that can be developed through the use of deliberate and systematic tools and techniques. In addition, it allows the exploration of new possibilities and the creation of ongoing value.

Using parallel thinking to develop new ideas as a team, and lateral thinking to escape the status quo and explore new possibilities allows individuals, organizations, and communities to create new, powerful ideas deliberately and systematically.


Rethink How You Think


Become A Powerful Thinker

Research has shown that organizations with structured innovation processes out-innovate firms that haphazardly develop new products and services. Using systematic innovation allows organizations to save time, effort, and money while balancing viability, feasibility, and desirability. Bringing structure to a fundamentally unstructured activity improves efficiencies and effectiveness; transform yourself and your organization


Asymmetric Strategy


Don’t Wing It

Strategy is about seeking the most advantageous position; it is about shaping the market for your benefit while balancing conventional and unconventional actions. Stop doing the same thing year-after-year and expecting new results; become adaptive and innovative. Be unpredictable; keep your competitors guessing and your customers excited. It doesn’t matter if you are the smallest or largest fish in the pond, effective strategies and tactics lead to market leadership