EP#030: The Tata Group

The Tata Group is India’s biggest conglomerate company, founded in 1868 by Jamsetji Tata and headquartered in Mumbai, India. The Tata Group operates in over 100 countries throughout the world is believed to be India's best-known global brand within and outside the country. The ongoing mission of the group has been and is to develop India into a modern industrial nation. The story of the Tatas is another great example of dreaming big and never stop innovating.

Show notes (with time stamps)

Introduction: 00:00 - 02:49

Jamsetji: 02:53 - 15:12

Dorabji and Rataji: 15:15 - 22:28

JRD: 22:32 - 33:22

Ratan: 33:26 - 43:17

Nano: 43:21 - 53:46

Conclusion: 53:52 -


Artist: Scott Holmes

Album: Road Trip

Track: Indie Rock


Nanovation: How a Little Car Can Teach the World to Think Big and Act Bold by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg

The Tatas: How a Family Built a Business and a Nation by Girish Kuber and Vikrant Pande

For the Love of India: The Life  and Times of Jamsetji Tata by R.M. Lala