EP# 012: OTC: Rekindle Your Creative Thinking Skills

As we grow older, our creative thinking skills atrophy based on conforming to societal norms (e.g., education, religion, business organizations). Unfortunately, our communities and businesses are in desperate need of new, creative ideas to solve complex problems. As businesses struggle, the environment changes rapidly, educational systems are failing the youth, and crumbling infrastructure is putting lives at risk, the world is desperate for new ideas and ways to improve the world.

Don't worry. All of us are born creative, we just need to rekindle those dormant skills. By understanding that creativity is an attitude, supported by skills, anyone can improve their creativity. It just takes some work and practice.

Show notes (with time stamps)

Introduction: 00:00 – 000:57

Why ideas: 01:01 - 03:56

We’re all creative: 04:01 - 07:41

How we lost it: 07:45 - 11:10

What it takes (attitude/skills/process): 11:14 - 19:09

Daily practice: 19:14 - 23:57

Implementation: 24:02 - 27:34

Conclusion: 27:39 - 32:30

Outro: 32:35 - 34:02


Artist: Scott Holmes

Album: Road Trip

Track: Indie Rock