EP# 008: OTC: The Five Elements of Parallel Thinking

Developed by Dr. Edward de Bono, parallel thinking is a powerful method to make decisions, develop new ideas, or improve processes. Working together rather than against one another, parallel thinking allows teams to collaborate successfully for a high probability of success.

In an unscripted episode of "Off the Cuff", Dr. O provides an overview of what leaders can do to help their organizations become more successful by adopting parallel thinking.

Show notes (with time stamps)

Introduction: 00:00 – 02:04

Adversarial vs. Parallel: 02:08 - 04:40

Separation of Ego and Performance: 04:43 - 06:23

The Gang of Three: 06:27 - 08:41

The Six Thinking Hats: 08:45 - 13:46

Applying Parallel Thinking: 13:51 - 16:50

Summary: 16:54 -


Artist: Scott Holmes

Album: Road Trip

Track: Indie Rock