Let’s Create Your Future!

Utilizing proven tools & techniques that can be immediately applied to real-world situations, Dr. O offers custom services to individuals and organizations looking to gain an edge in their respective industry.


Stop struggling and wasting valuable resources. Dr. O employs proven methods to build upon your current skills. Offering a straight-forward, logical approach to solving your day-to-day challenges, Dr. O makes the complex simple for easy implementation. Avoid erratic or haphazard ways to create new ideas, solve problems, or create successful strategies. Use deliberate and systematic tools and techniques to leverage ambiguity, embrace change, and create competitive advantages.



Dr. O does not use cookie-cutter techniques and processes to help organizations. Every project is tailored-designed for your individual organization and situations. After a thorough understanding of your specific organization and challenges, Dr. O will work collaboratively with your team to develop innovative solutions for future growth and success.



Dr. O uses a unique methodology to help organizations achieve long-term success. Combining the most effective ideas from the world of business and military, as well as the use of creative thinking techniques, Dr. O provides guidance and support to achieve your goals and objectives.



Using his decades of real-world experience and years of academic research, Dr. O utilizes proven tools and methodologies to ensure you develop great strategies and conduct effective implementation. Too often consultants view projects as “one and done”. Dr. O will assist with you and your teams from ideation through implementation to ensure success.